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the little white dog named Julius…

April 16, 2010

A month since my last post? Time flies in manic town Joburg!

Went to a good pal of mine for dinner tonight, he recently got this little white puppy which he named ‘Julius’

Its a wiry terrier-of-sorts, not really sure exactly, actually forgot to ask.

But the name Julius??

How ironically apt, almost downright cheeky!

I think my mate has hit on a new naming trend that is sure to explode, especially among certain suburban households inhabited by jittery pale-skinned faces.

All in jest though!


I had so much fun with little Julius during dinner:

When Julius tried to hump my leg I would sternly scold him,  warning him that “Julius! This is a revolutionary house! Dont come here with that tendency”

But when Julius tried to hump my leg again almost immediately (horny little bugger) I jerked my leg away, reprimanding him “Julius you bastard!”

And then I got up from the table and Julius ran after me snapping at my shoelaces, so I called to my mate “Chief, can you get your wife to remove this thing”

A mischievous little oke this Julius… When I was leaving and he ran out the front door after me I shouted at him “Julius, you bloody agent, go back inside!!”

I swear Julius almost had this look of indignation, like ‘who the hell are you telling ME what to do!’

He didn’t listen.

I’m not surprised.

I  hope my pal trains him properly so that one day, when he has ‘grown up’ the juvenile petulance will fade away and Julius will mature, a leader for all the other pets in the complex. If Julius does not learn the way  of conformity and respect then I can only shudder at the terror he will cause in the neighbourhood. Afterall Julius is just a little puppy, a ‘small boy who cannot do anything’. Or can he??

Maybe my mate should then get him an older, bigger companion to help teach Julius the way. I imagine thats what older dogs do, to guide the little ones on important matters like where in the garden is the most appropriate place to lay an epol-induced log. If I was my mate I would call this older hound ‘Jacob’, somehow seems appropriate to me. Just as long as Jacob doesn’t sleep through most of the day, letting Julius run stir crazy around the place barking at anyone he feels like or crapping all over the place, stinking it up etc

When I suggested this concept of guidance to my mate, his wife interjected and said they were one step ahead of me and were already planning to get another little terrier-of-sorts, BUT this time they were going to get a little black dog.

“What are you going to name this one?” I asked



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