About: Just being Sacksinthecity

Who is Sacksinthecity?

Except for an outrageous few years living in the Big Apple, Sacks has spent all his life adventuring through Africa’s Capital: Joburg. And just like all Joburgers, so too does Sacks have an opinion. But unlike most Joburgers, he won’t be offended if you disagree with him, in fact he encourages it!

A corporate sleuth by day, a ponderous blogger by night, Sacks is a self-proclaimed coffee snob who struggles to find a decent cuppa in Joburg. He is extremely grateful for the fact that within a 15 minute radius (with no traffic) Joburg can offer many world class golf courses. And whilst hacking away at his overworked laptop, he likes to sip on a single malt… because it just tastes good!

So yes, I have something to say… how can one not when so many interesting, curious and frustrating things are happening in Joburg and South African on a daily basis.


2 Responses to “About: Just being Sacksinthecity”

  1. Lurkerberg Says:

    Sacks – come a long way since NYC but still have an amazing way with telling it like it is… think you should post some of your archived stories from the original sacksinthecity…

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